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Trading diapers by Leonofparodies Trading diapers by Leonofparodies
Back in elementary School, our Librarian read us a story known as “Time For Andrew” where this foolish boy trades places with an identical ghosts by switching clothes. Yep, another reference virtually none of you probably know about. Still, I had a crap load of fun drawing this. One day, I encounter a ghost up in the attic who wants to temporarily switch places. So we not only traded our night clothes, but also our diapers. So I put on his pinned diaper and nightshirt, which I was not used to because it's been ages since I wore a pinned diaper, I felt how thin it was. The ghost, on the other hand, had never ever worn a thick disposable diaper, which forced his legs apart and gave him difficulty with zipping my sleeper. He couldn't believe how thick the diaper was as he felt it.

And people, if a ghost ever offers to switch places with you, don't do it. In the book, the foolish boy couldn't switch back until he beat the jackass ghost at a game of marbles. So tell the ghost no, if he refuses to leave, see if you can physically touch him. If you can, grab a blunt object and bash him on the head until he leaves. If not, leave the room and sleep downstairs. Then the next morning, sleep at a different house.
Cerin1987 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
again very cute pic
GrimmInHisNursery Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should be the next ghostbuster man! XD
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